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COVID-19 Updates

June 17. 2020 Update

We have secured space at Sports World in East Windsor. Our plan is to practice 2 times a week and have 1 game day a week. Our hope is that we can get each team multiple games on the weekend. For high school players, we will be recording the games and providing you with the film. College coaches are not allowed to begin attending recruiting events until August 1st, so developing a solid online profile with film is a great way to get noticed. Times on practice TBA. 

All Rip It camps are cancelled this summer. AOF and Loomis have both decided not to hold any events on campus this summer. Unfortunately, we have no location to hold a camp.

May 22, 2020 Update

Rip It will be withdrawing from all planned tournaments. Under current CDC guidelines, we do not see how it would be possible to provide athletes with a quality tournament experience. It is our predictions that tournaments will eventually be forced to cancel, and we want to be proactive instead of reactive. Rip It will play games against club teams (many that we would face in tournaments) location TBA. The price of the summer will be adjusted and the difference credited to families.

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