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How it Works

   To be placed on a Fall Rip It Team, you must:

How do I register for a tryout? 

You can access the links at the bottom of this page or go to the Team Tryout 

Tab on the Rip It Lacrosse Homepage.

For players that are currently on a team, you choose the current player tryout option. 

For players that are new to the program, you choose the New Player Tryout Registration tab.

About Tryouts

Sports World, East Windsor, CT

July 27th- (2028-2031)

July 28th- (2025-2027)

July 29th- (2022-2024)

Time: 6:00-8:00

Location: Sports World, East Windsor, CT

Who: All players Grad Years: 2022-2031

In order to be placed on a fall team, your must attend a tryout. If you are unable to, you must email informing

us that you wish to play, but are unable to attend a tryout. We will coordinate a way to have you evaluated so that you can be placed on the

correct team.


New Player Registration

Current Player Registration

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